Are You Ready?

  • To Acquire A CEO-mindset and Ability

  • To Create A Solid Business Plan

  • To Move With Confidence Through The Ups And Downs Of Being The Boss

Who Am I?

Setting You Up For Success

I Don't Play About Your Vision - Nor Should You!

    1. We Deserve Better

    2. This Is Who I Am

    3. Why I Created Promise and Potential?

    4. Learn From A CEO

    5. Navigating Adversity: When Covid Hit

    6. Co-Founded An App - MobiNP - Wasn't Easy

    7. My Business, Professional, & Educational Experience

    8. My Personal Mantra: We Must Do More

    9. Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

    1. Do You Really Know What You Are Doing?

    2. How An Incubator Could Help You?

    3. Why Strategize1st Is Needed?

    4. Do You Need A Business Coach? That's Me.

    5. This Is My Calling

    6. It's Bigger Than You and Me

    7. Are You Willing To Commit?

    1. Are You All Over The Place?

    2. Let's Re-focus

    3. Are You Building Something Sustainable?

    4. The Power Of Preparation

    5. Are You A Doer or a Dreamer?

    6. Valuing You and The People Supporting You

    7. Don't Lose Your Family

    8. Are You Mentally Ready?

    9. When To Seek A Mentor

    10. Are You Ready To C-E-O?

    11. Where's Your Honor?

    12. Have I Failed? Or Have I Learned?

    13. The Great Objection

    14. The B.S. Never Ends But...

    15. Survey

    1. Preliminary Elevator Pitch

    2. Describe Your Business Idea

    3. Do You Have A Mission Statement?

    4. Mission Statement Template

    5. What Are Your Business Values?

    6. Business Values Template

    7. Your Industry

    8. What Associations Serve Your Industry?

    9. Identify Your Industry Code (NAICS)

    1. Tools for Conducting Market Research

    2. What Problem Are You Solving?

    3. Problem Statement: Why It Matters?

    4. Hmn, I See A Problem, But Is There A Market For What I Offer or Aspire To Offer?

    5. Problem Statement Template

    6. Your High-Level Solution Template

    7. Are You Doing Too Much? Offering Too Much?

    8. Start Small – Less Is More

    9. Services You Can Offer Template

    10. Solution Identified

    11. Services You Have Decided To Offer Template

    12. Do You Know Your Target Customer/Market?

    13. What Is A Target Market?

    14. Target Customer Template

    15. Customer Avatar (aka Buyer Persona) Template

    16. Do You Know How Much It Costs To Operate Your Business?

    17. Operating Expenses (OpEx)

    18. OpEx Template

    19. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

    20. Exercise: COGS (if you manufacture products)

    21. Who Are Your Competitors?

    22. Competitor Analysis Template

    23. Let's Talk Pricing

    24. Pricing Template

    25. Are Your Operations Standardized or All-Over The Place?

    26. We Need Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    27. Operations & SOPs Template

    28. What Are Your Goals?

    29. We Need S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    30. Your Goals Template

    31. Resources: An Online Business Plan

    1. Make It Legit

    2. Keep All Receipts & Paperwork

    3. Don't Play With Your Business Name

    4. Name Check Template

    5. Protect Your Business Name - Your Brand

    6. What is Trademarkable?

    7. Resources For Trademarking

    8. Are You Using Your Home Address? Stop It.

    9. Secure a Commercial Address

    10. Is Your Paperwork Squared Away?

    11. Forming Your Business With The State

    12. Do You have your EIN & DnB?

    13. How To: Secure Your EIN - Your Unique Business Tax ID

    14. How To: Secure Your Dunn & BradStreet #

    15. Are You Comingling? No, No Entanglements lol

    16. To Do: Secure Your Business Checking Account

    17. Do I Need A Business Credit Card?

    18. Do You Have A Business License?

    19. To Do: Secure Your Business License

    20. Do I Need Business Insurance? Yep.

    21. To Do: Secure Your Business Insurance

    22. Are You Tracking Your Financials?

    23. To Do: Accounting System & Bookkeeper

    24. Do You Sell To the Government? Why Not?

    25. What is Government Procurement?

    26. Have You Thought About Selling Abroad?

    27. Let The World Know You Are Here

About this course

  • Learn At Your Pace With No Judgment, Only Support
  • Enter The Battlefield of Business With A Strategy, A Business Plan, & Next Steps
  • Establish Your Business With Confidence and A CEO-mindset. Monthly Payment Options Available.

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My Business & Work Experience


“Wesley Alexander, a true professional, disciplined human being that I met 2019, when I first discovered that he was the CEO of Cobiz Richmond. It was a time that I was baby to the world of Entrepreneurship, working for Nibbi brothers construction, when Wesley returned my message. Wesley took the time to get to know me, he was very much interested to hearing what was on my mind, while being direct and straight forward, telling me who he was and that his passion was building and cultivating relationships. I was very much in need of knowledge, information and authentication that would help me fulfill my passion, Wesley opened up the doors and his arms, to embrace me as a friend,mentor and someone with mutual respect He introduced me to the incubator space, that I'm still a part of. Wesley played a major role in me building two non-profit organizations, " " "1hundredyears Enterprise Foundation " When it comes to life changers, Wesley has definitely brought value to my life and others that I know very well.”

Lejon "Fahim" Reese - 1Hundred Years Enterprises

“Wesley is a true visionary. He has supported so many of us in building the infrastructure of our businesses. He knows how to zoom out in a way that prioritizes legacy and sustainability, paying special attention to the aerial view. ”

Ayesha Walker - BeImaginative

“Wesley is definitely a master of authentic, professional connections. It is also evident if you ever step foot in CoBiz, a beautiful coworking space in Richmond- he possesses the vision to bring people together harmoniously for the greater good within the community. We connected at the height of the pandemic for a CoBiz-sponsored mental health talk. Since, Wesley and his team have been instrumental in helping me brainstorm, and connect to other community partners to kick off our first Wellness Run this year. Welsey is a great thought leader, resourceful, and capable of making big ideas fly.”

Leticia Vaca - BIPOC Health and Wellness Innovator

“Wesley is an incredible leader and is rooted in all the right principals. I have been fortunate to be a member at CoBiz Richmond since 2019. Wesley has built a culture of belonging, respect, and support at CoBiz under tough circumstances including a pandemic. Through the business incubation program, he has helped me develop my business, offering well-informed advice, wisdom, and unconditional support. He is now one of my trusted advisors. I have seen Wesley facilitate connections and programming at CoBiz that is truly first class. His leadership is top notch.”

Ben Gilbarg, MS - CEO/Founder of S.T.E.A.M The Streets

“Wesley has been an enormous asset to my business. From being readily available to offer incubator meetings for the expansion and growth of my business to teaching me the usage of equipment for better promotional avenues. The staff at CoBiz are friendly and amazing. ”

Tracy Youngston - BeatTheRhythm

“I've been fortunate to get to know Wesley well over the past few years, both personally and professionally, through CoBiz Richmond. Wesley's dedication to building the CoBiz community and business incubator program, providing direction, leadership, and opportunity in the Richmond area and beyond, is limitless. He has a drive and passion for success that is rarely seen in a leader. Wesley unifies, creates, and connects people and resources like a champ. He is my go-to person, whether it's an opportunity that may turn into a business idea or a business question, his depth of knowledge and organized, no-nonsense approach to whatever task he touches are priceless. He is a change-maker just through his unconquerable spirit alone, but the fact that he has the intelligence to match makes him a formidable force and a massive asset to any team.”

Jasmin Johnson - Pre-K to 12th Virtual Educational Consultant

“Working with Wesley has been one of my great privileges. He is a highly effective leader and consummate professional. During the past two years, since Moyo Institute has partnered with CoBiz Richmond, Wesley has demonstrated passion, commitment, fortitude, and vision. He has nurtured entrepreneurs in pursuit of their dreams and shared a storehouse of knowledge about strategic planning, legal and financial resources, local and global opportunities, and the building blocks for effective business development. He accomplished these while not losing sight of the unique constraints many small and minority businesses face and continuing to push for marketplace equity. Wesley promotes wellness and self-care as important aspects of sustainable personal and business development. Despite the unusual challenging circumstances brought about by the Covid19 pandemic, under Wesley’s leadership, CoBiz Richmond continued to pivot to avoid service interruptions. They kept the doors open. One such idea was the weekly Rooftop and Instagram meditations offered in cooperation with Moyo Institute. He has wonderful ideas and a dedicated team that he mentors. Wesley is all about empowering others and community building. He is a true treasure.”

Gwendolyn Mitchell - CEO - The Moyo Institute

Actualize Your Promise & Potential

Building CEOs, Executive Directors, Bosses


  • What should I expect?

    You should expect a very conversational tone of instruction that is motivating, empowering, and pack with practical next steps to help you move like a seasoned CEO.

  • What type of instruction?

    From videos to short written pieces, to assignments to surveys, this interactive course will have you mentally prepared to build a sustainable business or to make an intelligent decision not to start a business.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Depends on if you subscribe monthly or if you purchase a module via a one-time fee.

  • What if I need additional help?

    No problem, just book a consultation with Wesley Alexander by visiting his website

  • Will you add new content from time to time?

    Yes, I will add new content, new exercises, and new videos over time to ensure we are up-to-date with best-practices and resources that are available to assist you.

  • Not sure what to select?

    We have a variety of options to offer since each person may be in different stages of their endeavor. Maybe you need to hone your mindset. Maybe you need to work solely on your business plan. Maybe you need direction on what to do after your business plan. Maybe you need a consultation. Whatever, you needed, I can assist you.

Pricing options

I Am About Access. If You Are Serious About Your Enterprise, We Offer Options. Special Pre-launch Price with Discount Code: prelaunch

About Me

Wesley Alexander

Business Coach For the People

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Founding CEO - CoBiz Richmond, Inc. (CoBiz) - A 9,000 square feet co-working space, meeting space, event space | Senior Financial Analyst - Intel Corporation - Managed more than $300M for Capital Expenditures | Co-Founder/COO - MobiNP, Inc. - An On-Demand Mobile Notary App | Senior Financial Analyst - Care Innovations (Intel - GE Joint Venture) - Managed $200M in operational budget for this medical device start-up | Founder/Principal - Promise and Potential, LLC - A business incubator for black & brown-led endeavors, whether for-profit or non-profit | OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE: Special Agent (former) - FBI | EDUCATION: Dual JD/MBA - American University - Washington College of Law and Kogod School of Business | BS in Biology - Loyola University (MD) | PHILOSOPHY: “We Must Do More" as stewards for the next generation. | MOTIVATION: His motivation is to ensure that we are not having the same conversation 40 to 50 years from now about the state of our communities. Let's do something about it. | PERSONALLY: On his down time, Wesley loves to hike, play sports, write songs, make beats (yes, majority of the beats are mine you hear), connect with family and friends, listen to live music, and dance. |

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